About 3PT

Who, Why, When, Where, How. 

3 Point Coaching is the creation of owner Julian Georgiou. 
After extensive experience in commercial gyms, Julian realised there was a gap in educating people on how to strive for the goals they have in life and decided it was time to fill this gap. 
Taking a holistic approach to improving clients lives, he created a 10 week training plan covering what can be considered the 3 Key Elements of Personal Training; Mindset, Nutrition, Training. 
With this in mind, we feel this will give you the most sustainable lifelong approach to getting to where you want to be.

3 Point was established in 2018, and has continued to evolve rapidly as the world around us changes. 
Currently operating out of Melbourne, Australia we offer one on one training with an outlook to offer our services online worldwide. 

Let’s get started!

Julian georgiou

A few thoughts...

Getting started on your health and fitness journey can at times seem daunting. 
We have many questions and sometimes lack the direction in how to get to where we want to be. 
My aim is to help guide my clients with step by step programming and support.

As the world changes, a holistic approach to wellbeing has become a necessity in the lives of many.

Balance and structure can form a lifelong platform for growth, and that is what I endeavor to provide my clients as we walk through this journey together.

Should you have any queries, or not sure what the next step is, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact form and I’d be delighted to help get the ball rolling! 

Best, Julian 


To increase the knowledge of those who aspire to get the most out of life, using health as a vehicle to create real and lasting change. 


A health focused community who pay special attention to the 3 Keys, armed with the ability to educate and inspire those around them.