What our clients say



Julian is an understanding and motivating Personal Trainer.
I’ve become much stronger and healthier all around from our sessions and have learnt a lot too. I know what to eat to get the best results, and what to focus on to make the most of training. 
Julian always has my goals in mind and teaches me how to get there. 
Overall I couldn’t be happier!


I’ve tried several times in the past to work on my diet and get in shape; but without a concrete plan and clear and achievable goals I’ve always found it challenging to stay on track. 
My experience training with Julian however has been transformative, I’ve learned that getting into the right mindset and supplying my body with the right nutrients is just as important, if not more so, than the exercise iteself. 
Furthermore having a trainer who can guide me through every step of the process has not only made it easier to work towards my goals, but also helped me learn more about myself and living a healthier lifestyle. 
I can say with confidence that my outlook on life has changed significantly for the better. 



I was living a lifestyle that wasn’t conducive to one of health. 
Long hours, unhealthy habits and excessive alcohol consumption had led me to feeling stressed out and unfulfilled with the life I was leading. 
After deciding to make the change I desired, I completely overhauled my lifestyle to look for something more. 
Physical change can be an insight to not only how we currently treat our body, but also to where we sit in terms of mindset. 
Here I dropped from my heaviest point at 89kg down to 65kg.
I believe as humans we owe it to ourselves to chase our dreams, to find that spark within that leads us to an intrinsic satisfaction, knowing that what we do in life matters. 

That first step can lead us to places we never imagined; what is it that you’re chasing?


I come from a karate background but needed help to strengthen my shoulder and lose some weight that I had put on due to an injury. 
Julian was amazing help with this and while training with him, and his guidance, I went from 80kg to 70.7kg in 10 weeks. 
Julian has a strong focus on form over quantity as well as providing a safe and welcoming environment to train in, whether it be in the gym or outdoors. 
I’ve also now started my Personal Training qualification so I can help others on their own path.